This is a pretty simple, pretty useful Wemo app device with a lot to like about it and very little to complain about.

Short story–We think it’s well worth it.

Wemo Review

Wemo Review

1) Simplicity of set-up. It took about a minute to set up. Plug it in, plug your device in, download the free app from the App store, connect w/ my IOS device to the Belkin wireless via settings, then open the App. Done. Really. That simple. It’s really, almost literally idiot-proof. We idiots have to love that.

2) Turning on and off is a simple button and works fine

3) You can control multiple switches at once (I only have one so haven’t tested this)

4) You can set up “rules”–for instance, a specific time to turn your device on or off. The rules allow for lots of schedules

5) Can be used from remote locations via cell or wi-fi

6) You can grow the “family” by adding more switches and motion sensors (again, just have the one so haven’t tested)

7) Perhaps the biggest pro was when we first used it I was able to confuse my wife when she came home and couldn’t figure out why the light kept going on when she turned it off and turned her back on it (I was upstairs). Oh, the hilarity . . .

Really only have one so far–the device is so big it will most likely (almost definitely) take up your entire outlet. Not a major issue if you want to use a power strip, but something to consider.

Wemo iPhone

Wemo iPhone

It’s not Über sophisticated and sure, you could set up something better for motion sensors, timers, home automation, etc. But what the app device is cheap and simple. We’ll use it very simply to turn lights on and off while on vacation so things are happening randomly rather than on a timer.  We will give it more time to see how it pans out, but we assume at this point we’ll add at least one more switch and one sensor.


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