My grandma needed security for her building, and they have rejected a couple of companies because of the cost to monitor the cameras.  I was thinking if we had some motion-sensitive cameras that would just shoot a picture of the motion that they sensed to various grand kids’ smartphones.  I also needed it to be a low-cost thing..

The problem is that it would be down in their parking garage, so, they would I guess have to run off of AC power,which, we couldn’t run the AC power to them.  I don’t think there’s anything that runs off of battery that would last–like say a week or more. “So the product below does not have to monitored.  In fact, it works on its own once it is easily mounted.

“Yes! There is a solution to this problem, and I’ve got the exact solution for you. It will run six months on battery…and it will do exactly what you want, It’s called ‘Vue Zone’, sold by NETGEAR,  It’s really good for situations where you can’t run wires, it’s wireless, completely–no power or internet. It does use WiFi, so you’ll need WiFi access.”

“Okay.”  “Obviously, it’s got to get on the network somehow. But, this thing, I’ll tell you why it lasts so long. It’s not always on! It’s only on when there’s motion. But that’s what you want, so it lasts about six months without a new battery, because it just turns on– and they have app to ping you when the sensitivity is triggered.  You can go on the web or on the app and see it, and then it turns on. Or if there’s motion, then it will notify you.

Netgear Vuezone Alerts your Smartphone and transmits whenever there is motion.  It uses a battery that lasts 6 months with no wires or hookup!  Traditional webcams like Dropcam always record constantly and need constant power to a server.




NETGEAR Introduces Wire-Free Night Vision Camera For VueZone Home
The NETGEAR VueZone Night Vision Camera is a two-part system: a powerful AC-powered infrared lamp along with the only wire-free infrared camera in the market. The inclusion of a separate infrared lamp with the Netgear VueZone Night Vision Camera …
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The Netgear VueZone Night Vision Camera Home Monitoring system offers many desirable features:

  • The industry’s only completely wire-free Night Vision camera
  • Easy one-click installation in 10 minutes or less with no tools required
  • Motion Detection senses people up to 15 feet from the camera and sends an email alert
  • Motion Detection sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the environment
  • Powerful infrared lamp lets you see up to 25 feet in the dark
  • View-on-the-go via compatibility with Apple iOS, Android, Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Netscape Navigator
  • Save, store and share videos on your own personal video network stored securely in the cloud
  • Choose from a variety of service plans to manage and control up to 15 cameras and view multiple locations

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