Discover which is the Best Universal Remote app in our remote review.universal remote

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How many Universal Remote devices do you have around your home? We have written a remote control review just to help with remote control constipation.  Now you can put your collection of remotes in a drawer.

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universal remote

“you need a Universal Remote, Daddy”

The app we have been reviewing is a very handy FLPR Universal Remote which turns the  iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a useful remote. The FLPR Universal Remote control app comes with over 65,000 pre-programmed IR codes meaning that it works with most devices right out of the box. From our remote review, FLPR is the ultimate remote solution.

remote Pros:

            • Easy to set up and program, customizable skins and a continually updated IR code database through the App Store.
            • The macros make it that much better. We programmed one macro button to turn on/off the TV, Audio Receiver, Roku, cable box, and Xbox. Worked very nicely and it costs just as much as a Universal Remote, but has unlimited devices and many times easier.
            • This FLPR Universal remote app can replace your Comcast Remote.                                                                                                      
            • Just download the flpr app on your ipad/iphone/ipod touch and attach the dongle and its an easy set up, pick your tv brand and your in business.
            • The FLPR remote control uses almost no battery power (average <1 mA). 30+ foot range and customized macros.

Remote Cons :

  • On some remotes you will have to have the new FLPR remote and “learn” every button by having it face the old remote.
  •  The blu ray player app doesn’t have the eject button on first screen.
  • At first setup, there was only about a 50% success rate with my TV and other components, but then I found the “Update Device Database” in the settings, it updated, and fixed everything up to almost perfect. Of the four different remotes I’m replacing, I’ve only found two different individual buttons that don’t work the way I needed them to, but again, simplicity in the setup.