Visit PLX Devices by KIWI HERE

Visit PLX Devices by KIWI HERE

Do you have a fault code with a check engine light on in your vehicle and have no idea what it means?  Until now, you would have to take your vehicle into a service facility which charges $50-$70 an hour.  Is there anything your iPhone apps can’t do?  “There is an app for that !”  Yes! an app that wirelessly checks Engine Diagnostic Codes on your vehicle.  No more guessing, the iphone app device we are featuring below is the easiest and best wireless diagnosistic tool for how to check engine codes.

It pretty much does everything as advertised.  Wifi chips are included and the pin-out and electronics for ODB2 codes are pretty simple.  There are some free apps out there that will work with this app device.  We tested this with an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1) and had the opportunity to plug it into a few different cars – a 2000 honda accord ex, a 1999 nissan pathfinder, a 2007 s2000 and a 2000 lexus rx300. We primarily used the FuzzyCar app


OBD2 Codes

since it was free and provides basic functionality. We were able to read all the sensors offered by each vehicle, and can confirm clearing codes work in the accord, the pathfinder, and the rx300. The s2000 didn’t have any codes for us to try clearing. (Note- depending on your vehicle and the particular code, if the underlying problem isn’t fixed the engine light can come on again pretty quickly – sometimes even within a few minutes. This isn’t the fault of the device- We are just putting this out there in case someone might think it’ll “magically” fix your check engine light problems. It won’t.) One other thing- not all vehicles have the same sensors so depending on how many your vehicle has you might see different ones.

There is a little bit of lag between diagnostic trouble codes but acceptable. Not sure if this was because the car’s computer was slow, the plx was slow, or it was something with the FuzzyCar app.

All in all we were happy with the purchase and can definitely see this as something that while we hopefully won’t use all that often, will be handy to have around for those unforseen circumstances.

Product Features

  • KIWI Wifi turns your iPhone in to a powerful automotive tool
  • Will check for engine diagnostic codes, when your “check engine” light become illuminated you can view and reset the code
  • Easy installation, simply plugs into OBD2 Codes port and will mount virtually anywhere in your vehicle
  • Allows you to view sensor data such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, coolant temperature and throttle position
  • MPG gauges, basic engine sensors, check engine scan tool, trip computer

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