Welcome to Nest: The FREE iPhone-Controlled Thermostat App From The Creator of the iPod

I love it! It’s so great to be able to check and control the home thermostat from any iphone, ipad, ipod touch and computer device – Do it from work or smartphone.  It does a great job of learning temperature preferences, any schedule, all while saving energy.

The following companies are the best in the business for home automation:

Belkin WeMo
Nest Learning thermostat

Nest says its learning thermostat can cut home heating and cooling use by an average 30 percent over a standard thermostat.

Fadell, Nest’s co-founder and CEO, was an adviser to Apple CEO Steve Jobs Then Fadell quit Apple in early 2010, wanting to make a thermostat that would be beautiful as well as functional. As with Apple products, design was crucial.

“You can buy a beautiful refrigerator; you can buy a beautiful stove; you can buy a beautiful vacuum cleaner, but you can’t buy a beautiful thermostat,” Charlton said.

Nest started in a Palo Alto garage about 18 months ago, before quietly taking offices in a Palo Alto shopping center. Explaining Fadell’s zest for secrecy — Maris said he was forbidden from uttering the word “Nest” over the past year — Charlton said, “We wanted a focus on the product and the team. Tony said, ‘Let’s not go out and talk to people; let’s just build a great product.’ ”

At Apple, Fadell led the teams that developed the first generations of the iPod and iPhone, and is generally credited with the idea of linking a digital music player with an online music store — the concept that became Apple’s iPod and iTunes. Rogers, Nest’s other co-founder, oversaw iPod software development from concept to production. The Nest team also includes Yoky Matsuoka, the vice president of technology, a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient who was formerly Google’s head of innovation.


1. Bright and Large Display especially for people with weak eyesight.

2. Very convenient to see the thermostat display and make adjustments sitting on your couch (or from another room) with your iPod, iPhone instead of having to walk up to the thermostat each time. A convenience which quickly becomes addictive.

3. Energy History on PC or remote as a bar graph lets you see the total time your HVAC is ON each day. Clicking on a bar graph gives you the precise time and intervals during which it is on. In addition compares with your average usage and provides comments on whether any change was due to outside weather or your settings.

4. The App provides a much easier way to program settings than the thermostat itself.nest-learning-thermostat-app

5. Not limited to 4 settings / day but can accept settings as fine as 15 minute intervals.

6. Learning Mode to adapt settings to changing patterns in your thermostat setting, but can be turned off to keep fixed manual settings


1. Does not have manual Fan Only Mode if heating/cooling is turned off.

2. While Auto Away, ignores activity at night while you are sleeping, there is no way to tell it your sleeping times. If you are a retiree who sleeps till 11 am and find Auto Away has kicked in and heated the room. So you have to keep it off.

3. No Hold temperature till cancelled. If you change the temperature manually, it will hold only till the next schedule point.  You would have to delete the entire schedule and reprogram (or learn it). There should be a “Suspend Schedule” without having to delete it.

4. It would be great if their Energy Display had a way to estimate dollars for the usage using input Cents/kwH or something. Maybe they can add it in the future.

What’s Included

Product Features

  • Compatible with most 24V heating and cooling systems
    Including forced air, radiant and heat pump systems. Line voltage and millivolt systems not supported.
  • Also supports 1- or 2-stage conventional heat/1-stage cool and 1-stage heat pumps with auxiliary heat.
  • Compatible with oil, gas and electric fuel types
    For wide-ranging use. Supports RC, RH, W1, Y1, G, O/B, AUX/W2 and C wires; no common (“C”) wire required.
  • Programs itself
    Remembers your temperature adjustments and programs itself to create a custom schedule. Optional manual programming lets you establish a 7-day schedule with more than 20 setpoints per day.
  • Auto-Away mode
    Lowers the temperature when you’re out of the house for reduced energy consumption.
  • Nest Leaf
    Lets you know when you’re saving energy.
  • Energy history
    Reports how much energy you’ve saved during the week.
  • Time to temperature
    Displays the amount of time it will take to achieve a desired temperature.
  • Color LCD display
    Provides an easy-to-read design.
  • Wireless connectivity
    Makes it simple to adjust the learning thermostat remotely via your laptop or Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phone. Compatible with 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz wireless networks.
  • Chameleon design
    With a brushed metal ring that reflects your wall color to complement your style.





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